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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Oct 24, 2013 19:43 Flag


    Ever stop to think why we haven't heard from 'Rickits' for weeks, not under his real ID(like Piggy) anyway. If what I read can be believed, (and that's debateable with him)but his ISP checks out. He's been locked up for vagrancy in Coffs Harbour, found in a tent, plastered, behind a Public Toilets in a local Park. And get this. He
    said he was from Coober Pedy, not Cairns, and he said he had been prospecting for Gall Stones(he meant Opals)but with his bladder I can believe that. So there you are. No longer from the deep jungle and swamps of S. India and late of Bali beach, but banged up in a one horse town in the middle of nowhere, a homeless wretch. None of his 'mates' would bail him out, either

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