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  • Govinda Govinda Oct 30, 2013 07:09 Flag


    If there is anything we learned about the losses to Chelsea and Dortmund it is that we rely heavily on a disruptive defensive midfielder in the mold of Flamini (Artata can do a job but is not naturally that guy, and to me is left wanting in this role at the highest level but he is still crucial at PL level), that we are bit thin in depth at the moment, we looked particularly tired against Dortmund who I believe out worked us by more than 10km collectively and that Chelsea should be favorite for the PL title.

    Finally I think if we have any money left in the kitty we would be foolish not to buy a top striker to give some depth because Bendtner doesn't have what it takes and Giroud can not be our only option.

    Getting Walcott and Podolski back to add some much needed width and depth to our squad will provide a big lift.

    It was nice to see Vermaelen out there and I also thought that Wilshire played one of his better games.

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