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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Nov 3, 2013 10:39 Flag

    Dear FOG & GOV....

    Have you noticed the absents of Manure & Spuds et al. on this board. Was it something we said? I hear no songs. There seems to be a deathly silence now, and I scratch my head, thinking how vociferous their abuse of Arsenal and AW was, for sooooooo long. But now they have suddenly dried up and probably blown away! (by Arsenal of course)

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    • LMFAO - I must admit, the silence on the ManUre board has become deafening since Arsenal have been topping the Premiership, long may it continue!

      You'll be aware the ManUre numpties are still peeking, but are too scared to post now for all the ridicule they'll get hurled at them!