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    I was watching MOTD and Mr 'Walkers' asked the gathered 'intelligence' there, both of no particular persuasion(that I know of)if they thought Arsenal could win the PL. Without hesitation, to a man, came the answer. 'no'. Yet reading, and listening to others, they say how well Arsenal are playing and how good their play is etc. etc. and that the other teams aren't up to it, against us. They also show absolute surprise at how Arsenal have improved out of sight from relatively nothing. Excuse me? My point here is, that even the most un informed Arsenal supporters have said they(including both myself and FOG, to name just a few)that they have seen this coming for the last 2 to 3 seasons. And now that the team has hit top gear, with one simple signing, and the others finally clicking, and gathering confidence, it seems that nobody 'Knowledgeable Pundits and all) "saw this coming????"
    I ask you what or who, have these people been watching? I mean, a team doesn't continue to regularly qualify for the CL without having something about them that is keeping them there. Has it always been about bias against Arsenal then, that keeps these knuckle heads refusing to admit the bloody obvious? I thinks so, anyway.

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    • You cant blame them its just common sense. We collapse every time and suddenly thats changed this season? Beleive what you want to believe but i think ill prefer the evidence.

    • It is a bit stupid for anyone to say we can not win the PL, just as stupid for anyone to say we will win the PL.

      I do disagree with your assessment of "one simple signing" for me both Ozil and Flamini are crucial contributors to our current strength. It is hard to see how we could be 5 points clear without them.

      We finally have a balanced squad with mature players around their 30s in Arteta, Cazorla, Flamini. Rosicky and a proven winner in Ozil. Perhaps most importantly we finally didn't have to deal with our best players leaving and having to integrate many new players.

      This squad can win anything but as always injuries could change that, at the moment I don't think we could deasl with a prolonged Giroud absence, for this reason I would sleeep better if we sign an other solid striker in January.

      Walcott might be back for the Man U game!!!!

    • A long way to go before titles are won. I never listen to the pundits or the media, most have never managed a team most have never even played professionally and even those who have get it wrong time after time, looking at you 'Arry, and you Wrighty and a big up to you Adams.

      All I know is the team are capable of wonderful football and, on their day, are capable of beating ANY team.

      Right now it is looking as though the players also have the hunger and are building the confidence to go all the way.