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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Nov 6, 2013 16:00 Flag

    Let's see where Arsenal are in March

    The Manchester United forward isn't worried by the Gunners topping the table, saying that the club have form for falling out of the title chase.

    There have been plenty of times in the past when Arsenal appeared capable of mounting a sustained challenge, only for it to peter out when the pressure starts to be applied later in the campaign.

    "We'll have to wait and see where Arsenal are in March," he said.

    "We've seen before that they've been in the top two until February or March and then faded away.

    It will be interesting to see how we respond after losing at old trafford. We failed in our first real test of the season home to dortmund, showed ho weak our squad is against chelsea, now away to a team who usually beats us i expect the obvious to happen, thats happened for over 8 years straight now.

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    • I hear that they are fitting Young with wings, this weekend. They don't want him breaking his neck diving from 6 feet outside the penalty area, to land 6 feet inside the area.

    • I hope Arsenal beat Man Spew by at least 0-2 at Old Toilet, the only way I can see the rags scraping a win is by either a dodgy penalty decision going in their favour or yet another way offside goal.

    • If you cant enjoy the journey don't make the trip. I am enjoying this one at the moment. An unlikely loss at Old Trafford would not change that. At the moment the wins against Liverpool and Dortmund on the road are much more meaningful. It will take a while before United become the threat Liverpool were until last weekend.

      I think United have to be realistic and forget about the PL this year. They have an inferior squad and a manager trying to find his footing. They should be happy to qualify for CL football. In my book that would rate as a result for them.

      I still think Chelsea are our biggest threat.