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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Nov 7, 2013 11:18 Flag

    ...Comedy Wigs and all.....

    ...and now one for our devoted Manure supporters who seem to have ceased existing on here, and I quote..........

    "And yet there he was (Young) last night in San Sebastian, as United laboured against a limited Real Sociedad, tumbling to the turf at the merest brush of an opponent’s arm as if he had just been hit by sniper fire during an Olympic sprint. It was embarrassing to watch.
    While it is always harsh to single out an individual for opprobrium – and there are several others, +some of whom appear to be wearing comedy wigs+ who were equally as responsible for United’s underwhelming showing last night - in Young’s case we should make an exception."

    They cant even try to win 'ugly' anymore..........pmsl!!!

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