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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Nov 10, 2013 19:22 Flag

    No surprises

    Todays game went exactly as i called it, the lads bottled it went it mattered. NOT good enough methinks.

    Giroud was lucky not to concede a penalty for his blatant foul in the man u pen area on in-form wayne rooney. Rooney was an example to youngsters how to play the game, with heart and hard work unlike our sorry lot who seemed to suffer a 'sickness' before the match day kick off. The nervousness was clear first half, too little too LATE im afraid. Bringing bentdner and gnabry on shows a p155 poor squad depth and much more investment should have been made in the summer instead of placing all the eggs in one basket. Wenger hasnt learnt from previous years errors it seemed.

    No matter what formation we changed too second halve ( 4-5-1 then 4-1-2-2-1 then 4-4-2 )man u had an answer. New manager same old story at old trafford. The theatre of nightmares for our boys im afraid.