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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Nov 11, 2013 20:36 Flag

    Reasons to be cheerful 1..2..3...

    Pick yourselves up and dust yourselves down Gooners, all is not lost, not lost by a long shot (talking of long shots, apart from a set piece goal from Van purse strings, that's about all ManIOU had!).
    Losing at Very Old Trafford sunday means very little in the grand scheme of things and even more so when you look at the manner in which the MIGHTY Arsenal lads lost.
    In the cold light of day the picture is clear and the position of Arsenal has not changed. One could argue the case FOR Arsenal has even been further enhanced.
    ManIOU won, fair and square and to be honest, they didn't play too terribly either. BUT, and it's a BIG 'but' (think Christophers Mrs), United only managed to score one goal in a game they HAD to win, in a game they gave EVERYTHING they had to win, with a full house at Very Old Trafford behind them too. United only managed to score from a set play against an unsettled Arsenal defence, rearranged due to illness, Kosceilny was playing on the opposite side to which he is used and alongside Vermalean, a new partner for the day.
    Van purse strings (or complete #$%$ if you like) hardly got a look in and he was supposedly forming a great partnership with the fat #$%$ (or fat #$%$. They didn't look so good now did they?
    Arsenal really should have bagged a goal second half and it was quite mind boggling when Giroud missed Sagnas cross.
    Arsenal finished far stronger than ManIOU, and that was with the much derided Bendtner on the pitch.
    First half, and even a lot of the second, Arsenal played the worst football I had seen them play all season, I couldn't believe the amount of misplaced passes, could you? Giroud was w**k for once and Ozil remained quiet (as he has last three games IMO).
    All in all I thought Arsenals confidence was rocked by the missing Mertesaker and the enormity of the occasion, ManIOU to their credit smelt blood.

    Today Arsenal still sit TOP of the Prem and missing players are getting closer to fitness.

    Fear not Gooners.

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    • Mr Fabongrasss....(I hope I've spelled that right)...;)

      ...while I may not admire your foul mouth...your goading of posters not currently posting... your apparent lack of logic, reality and your original account....your tolling behaviours here and on the Man U board...

      ..and while I may feel sympathy for you on account of your "little man syndrome"...your gender confusion....and your obsessional fanaticism which prevents you from seeing beyond Mr Wenger's blazer......

      ...I have to say that I do admire your thick skin...and your ability to either ignore....or to respond with nonsensical and infantile insults to....discussion, dissent, criticism, the pointing out of your self contradictions, outright lies and made up stuff...

      ...and last but not least...I admire your unfailing optimism...and your "ability" to turn a defeat into a great victory...:)

      ...almost forgot....I'm so glad you've gotten over your weak bladder difficulties....I've always urged you to see your GP about that...:)

      ....or is it that you're just not finding much to laugh about these days....?

    • We need an other quality striker, Giroud is a work horse to me, who might have decent stats but his finishing and positioning in the box leaves to be desired. And although he has had a few decent re-direct goals this season, he takes too much time, on occasion, to get his shot of. Having said that, maybe the heavy work load takes its toll. Both Bendtenr and Olivier could and should have scored on Sunday.

      I hope Wenger will make a move in January for a quality striker not a Ba from Chelsea. If presented with the choice I would rather sign a high quality striker in the summer than a back-up type in January. To win the PL and or the CL we could use a Suarez, Falcao (who will be allowed to leave Monaco should they not win CL football), Cavani, RVP (sorry but true), Ibrahimovich, Lewandowski type of striker.

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      • I think Giroud has been great in the majority of games this season, he normally holds the ball up incredibly well and his distribution has been excellent for the most part. He has missed the odd chance granted but he has also taken and created a fair few.
        I think Wenger will sign a striker the moment one becomes available and this may well be the last piece of the jigsaw of a new and great Arsenal team.

    • SMARTING much?

      not arf!