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  • JamesB JamesB Nov 19, 2013 18:33 Flag

    Breaking wind on Rikki

    The Pommy Abbo c/sucker is at it again. Just be aware, because he's doing his level best to get back some of his lost credibility(assuming there was a time, long ago, that he had some when he called himself Butch). He has been ridiculed constantly, to the point of topping himself many times (hence the long lay off from here, while he recovered) The body may have survived but the brain went along with loss of control. It would be nothing new to find out that this poster is no more than a dribbling alcoholic old man, who as Abu noted, must have his fix on here, or there really is no reason to get out of his stinking pit each day. Assuming he has one to sleep on. I wonder what happened to the beach bar in Bali Rikki???. Probably drunk yourself unconscious before you could get around to it, with all those friends in Bali. What a nob you are. We didn't all take a steamer to Australia, and end up in the back of nowhere Q'land. Regretting the loss of England, but glad to have avoided the people who wanted to speak to you most. Still #$%$ it all up against the wall are we Rikki?? Your well known in Cairns for just that. And nothing else. Must buzz off now Rikki, we have a life here in England. Eng. V Germany tonite. Yo Ho!! drinks all round. How's the stinking hot weather, and 4x horse p..ss??? Cheery now.......pmsl!!!!!

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