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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Nov 22, 2013 11:27 Flag

    The Outback Orangutan.......!!!????

    Own by a Geordie!! That just made my Friday, I gotta tell you. It was a job getting a cuppa down, between laughing myself silly reading 'Tales from Borneo Butch'. You don't suppose he interacted with them, do you??? Wouldn't surprise me,. He has been known to pull it out at a drop of the 'hat' so to speak. Bali Beach for example......but I think he's in unknown territory with 'jungle man'. Would be a tough call even for a Porn Queen like Rikki, dropping his skiddy's for one of them.

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    • You're not very good at backing your new idiot mate up, are you, Gillian?

      He claims I never went anywhere, you really should listen, now you're claiming I was in Bali and Borneo, you're making him look even more stupid than usual!

      PS: How's the cricket?

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      • The Outback Orangutan Cowboy name must have got to you Altree, especially since you've renamed yourself Geordie-Chomp-Chomp!!!

        What's the matter, did you get so wound up you blew your cover, posted in the wrong Yahoo ID and gave the game away that you've been pretending to be someone else?

        Yes, that was probably it, and it would explain everything! You're always going to be a laughing stock who everyone enjoys winding up, it's just a shame that you're too stupid to realise it.