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  • JamesB JamesB Nov 23, 2013 17:51 Flag

    Gone South'

    Lovely result boys. That'll keep the basterds out in the suburbs quiet. Still chasing us, and wondering where the hell we got Giroud from. Who needs a Dutch mercenary any longer????? PMSL This is most satisfying. this season....I thought we overcame what could have been a bad result. Sorry, I was thinking we are still in last season there for a moment. But of course this is a 'different' Arsenal now, put together by the Master, A. Wenger.

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    • "That'll keep the basterds out"

      What a coincidence, when you do a search of the Arsenal board for the misspelt word, "basterds", you come up with Baldrick, Jacob, Jack S, and Londoners.

      They must have all gone to the same school.


    • Dear Mr Dodge...

      ...I have no doubt that Mr Fabongrassss will be along any minute now to give you a hug...slap you on the back...and give you a big, sloppy kiss...and then you can ROTFL together....

      ...but don't be too disappointed if he doesn't show tonight to give you a big hug...my understanding is that he likes the clubs on a weekend....I'm sure Mr 99 or the Ultimate OINKING Outback Orang-utan Cowboy will be along to give you one ...

      ....is it past the time for your cocoa now....or hot chocolate as we say here...;)xx