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  • John John Nov 25, 2013 08:57 Flag

    Gaining ground....

    Still early days, but if we continue to go on like this.........

    Utd may claim they were understrength, but they have been claiming for years that their ability to win the league has been due to the strength and depth of their squad. Their best player was lucky to be on the pitch following his off the ball kick at the Cardiff player.

    Spurs.....oh dear. hahahahahahahahaha.

    A big win is required tomorrow night. Momentum is important to regain as soon as possible.

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    • ManIOU are a spent force. They no longer have the benefit of the largest purse, and it shows. The squad at City today makes a mockery of ManIOU. Ferguson got out when he realised that his squad was in dire need of big spending and that the owners were unwilling or simply UNABLE to spend BIG. Fellaini!?!?! HILARIOUS!
      Van Persie is by far the glory boys best player and he, quite simply, is now past his best. Carrick is their best midfielder and he would never have got into a past ManIOU midfield now would he!?!?!
      I read somewhere that the Glazers were using ManIOU to bankroll their failing U.S interests. Oh dear!

      Spurs have spent large sums of money and though it is early days for this new squad of players you just know Levy is #$%$ his panties at the thought of whether or not he has backed the right horse in AVB.

      All in all....i'm feeling rather SMUG today.

      On the other hand...Gary and the Glitter band, are not.

      Much love!

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      • Mr Fabongrassssss...

        ...a well balanced "football" post....?.....

        ...or just another rant....with blatant, trolling and yet strangely sexually revealing overtones....?

        ...transference is a funny thing....is there something you want to share with the board,,,?

        ...it's okay...were all friends here....and I'm sure your fans will understand...:)

    • I think the reason Rooney wasn't sent off was because the other player was all over him, and the ref was a bit unsighted.

      One thing I've noticed about United, for several seasons now, is the way we never have a back four waiting for the other team to come at us, we always seem to be racing them back, trying to cut them off.