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  • JamesB JamesB Nov 25, 2013 23:36 Flag

    Now lets just have a look....

    ....at the thing(I hesitate to call it anything else with the absence of any indicated ac/dc) that calls itself 'sweetblindness'(from this name we can only assume it uses braille and is quite at home being blind to the world and anything to do with football)
    On looking at it's postings from way back in August, there is not one indication that it knows anything about football, or even has an opinion on, so must therefore beg the question, what if anything, is it's purpose here?? Also we note that through all this time, it has never mentioned, or shows any support for the one known as(among other things, picture a orangutan) Rikki Altree, or calling himself anything, to try to rid himself of a name that marks him as a pariah, and a malevolent being called(very plainly) Butch. Which suggests one and the same.
    From everything S B has written(mostly simpering b..llsh...t) we can form a picture of Rikki, perched in front of his world, (probably 12 inches of malevolence) easily switching from ID to ID, and always remembering to remain 'in character' (the constant use of 'MR' eg. is a dead give away)
    One can only imagine that he changes for the part of 'sweetblindness', into a black dress, red polka dot, stained(from use) knickers, black silk stockings(with ladders in each, supported by over stretched suspenders) a mouth like Miss Piggy puckered, with red lip gloss, and a straw wig over that grizzled pate. And with a pock marked nose the size and shape of an old Pug, 'she's' ready as she'll ever be, for her piece of beef coming home. If it was anything more, than just a simple soul, with not the wit or the wherefore all .......oh dear. I'm sorry I've got to get to the lav, I'm crossing my legs, and wiping my eyes so much I cant see to type...................