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  • 'Orangubutch' RIK 009 'Orangubutch' RIK 009 Nov 26, 2013 13:15 Flag

    Orangubutch starts to get angry!

    Taken from the Man U forum earlier;

    "As to the Bali video, it shut you right up when I called your bluff. I'm a traveller, you're not, you've been nowhere, (France to buy cheap #$%$ doesn't count), and you've done nothing, which is why you've been obsessed with me for eight years .... JEALOUSY!"

    Jealous of what exactly? You've called yourself a traveller, a traveller as in a pikey? Seriously, who would be jealous of a scruffy old pikey living in a broken old camper van in Cairns? Not me, that's for sure.

    Yes, you're the Outback 'Orangubutch' Cowboy Pikey! Cheers for that one, that's more ridicule for you!

    The Bali video didn't call my bluff you silly old sausage jockey, I told you to make one, I just refused to give you my real name, nothing stopped you making a video though or are you really that thick?

    I'm everything I've said I am, I live where I say I live, done what I've said I've done, whilst you've been continually getting exposed on here time and time again as a habitual liar and bulls**t artist for years now...

    ...and you're always GETTING OWNED BY A GEORDIE!


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    • "I'm everything I've said I am, I live where I say I live, done what I've said I've done"

      Hahaha!! Let's analyse that ....

      "I'm everything I've said I am" .... You haven't said you're anything, so you're nothing then!

      "I live where I say I live" ..... Yes, we know, Newcastle, big deal!

      "done what I've said I've done" .... You haven't said you've done anything, which is hardly surprising!



      Did you like the video, and the photos?

      Don't say you didn't see them I watched the views go up!!!

      How do you say OWNED in Latin?

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      • Sorry Outback 'Orangubutch' Cowboy but the videos prove nothing (sorry, didn't see any photos) I could post a video of a couple of daleks exterminating people on my youTube account and leave a message aimed at you in the description, but this doesn't make me Doctor Who.

        You were supposed to post a video from a beach in Bali where you'd be shouting out something aimed at me, and there's nothing like that there, so I'm afraid you've proved nothing other than what a complete tit you are, feel free to try and wriggle out of that one as much as you like!

        PS - So much for a house I could only ever dream of which is facing the sea, all I saw was a pokey old bungalow with a rain drenched garden. ;)

        LMFAO - consider yourself to be OWNED BY A GEORDIE, yet again!!! NEXT!!!