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  • Not a great performance, but then again the other team were very poor. Strange given the quality they have in their squad. Maybe the new 75% tax regime has hit their mental state more than anyone thought it would?

    Mixed in with the poor performance and a number of missed opportunities were two great goals.

    One more game to go before the competition starts to heat up.

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    • One of those strange games where the early goal seemed to end the game in some players heads. Wenger obviously had a few words at half time as it was a better performance after the break. Rosicky was poor as was Ozil in the main. Mesut still came up with the goods when he set Wilshere up for the second. I don't think we'll really see the best of Ozil until the latter part of the season at the earliest, probably not until next season.

      All in all the lads got the result needed.

    • "the other team were very poor. Strange given the quality they have in their squad."?

      Pardon my frenchie but that's a complete tosh from you, JK.

      Marseille were already out of Europe with nothing to play for before a ball is kicked in anger last evening, why should they give a damn or try to bust a gut in a meaningless match for them (wasted effort)? Ok, some may well argue that they should've been trying harder than they did and playing for their pride, but the fact of the matter is they weren't (obviously) good enough in the group and that was why they found themselves at the foot of the table. Losing home and away games against Napoli knocked the stuffing out of them, hence their interest in the competition. I think they weren't as poor last evening as it was made out in the commentaries, and were ok-ish overall in my book given their standing in the group.

    • I have to agree John. Seemed an exercise in futility as far as Marsay were concerned, and I have to confess to almost 'dropping off' in the process :)