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  • Eddy Eddy Nov 29, 2013 09:33 Flag

    So far so good?

    It's been an almost meteoric rise since Villa beat us on the opening day. Since then we have kicked #$%$ and then stumbled in Europe and the league, only to dust ourselves off and kick #$%$ all over again. Fantastic win on German soil and November was supposed to be the month we prove ourselves as contenders or fall back into the pack.

    Walcott is back but needs time and that should help with a tough list of games through to January. Not counting chickens but do we get excited now, is it too soon?

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    • They way I think about it is that the PL is still wide open with Arsenal, Chelsea, City and Liverpool a little ahead in my mind of Spurs and Man U. Having said that thus far we are the best team in PL as far as I am concerned and we are in the race with a good chance and when is the last time we could honestly say that? That's enough to be excited.

      In the CL we are on thin ice but a draw should see us through. IMO at the moment we would have to fear Real, Bayern and Barca as better teams and Chelsea purely because Moureen seems to have Wenger in his pocket and is a solid cup type of manager. Either way I don't mind how far we go in the CL as long as we make it into the knock out phase. Winning it seems like a bridge too far for the PL teams including Arsenal.

    • "counting chickens but do we get excited now, is it too soon?

      Never, Eddy. Blimey if you think Jan. is tough, Nov. was tough enough. No? Should get better, now we have a true sniff at the PL. And it want take Wally long to get to grips with the team