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    ..........Tottering Tots, held to a useless(to both teams) draw by a struggling Manure....So painful was it to watch, that MOTD have refused to screen it......citing, that kind of football wasn't in the contract, and they want to see someone scoring goals, not penalties. Penalties they add, that continually get Manure off the hook, and that's not what the fans pay for...well, there you have it.....from an 'inside' source

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    • Mr Dodge...

      ..."So painful was it to watch, that MOTD have refused to screen it".....is this a time zone thing again...like the cricket thing...?

      ...having listened to it on Talksport while driving yesterday...and being undecided....we saw it on MOTD late last night... (that would be Sunday 1.12.13 GMT)....

      ...MOTD showed that Lloris...coming from behind...never touched the ball...but decided to lovingly caress Wellbeck's foot instead....hands or feet...that's still a pen...

      ...the "pundits" on radio today...while we were still driving...all said it was a pen.....except, of course, for the extremely biased "Stan" Collymore....:)

    • That wasn't a penalty, it was a joke decision by Mikey who was clearly chomping at the bit to dig manUre out of the hole they found themselves at the Lane.

      It's strange that manUre always get these sort of dodgy decisions in their favour when things aren't going to plan.

      It's Europa League spot at best for them this season as their squad is packed with too many MIDTABLE grade players like Welbeck, Young, Cleverley, Nani, etc, and and aging oldies like Rio, Vidic, Giggs. None of these lot will make the bench at any of the elite sides in the division. That's how far manUre have now fallen behind their traditional rivals.

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      • Mr 99...

        ...So much conjecture...?

        ...did you watch the same MOTD in your time zone as Mr Dodge did in his....

        ...the one that didn't screen the pen...?

      • I have to say that to me it did look like a penalty and 9 out of 10 times in situations like that where the keeper dives for the ball, misses it and makes contact with the player it is a penalty.

        I do agree though that Man U seem to have the weakest squad of the top 6 teams, perhaps together with Liverpool. To me in pure talent and quality terms, thus not considering the added value or destructive value of the manager, Chelsea have the best squad with City not far behind and Arsenal coming in probably 3rd and Spurs not far behind us. Thanks to AVB Spurs are further down and thanks to the strength of our starting 11 who might be 2nd only to Chelsea and thanks to Wenger and the way we play we are in 1st for the moment.

        Liverpool with out Sturridge are on par with Man U to me and under Moyes will always give teams a battling effort but it won't be convincing very often as was shown against Spurs which was still a very good result for them.

        It is way too early and injuries could change things but for me the race is between Chelsea and Arsenal with City having the potential to join it.

        Ou obvious weak spot is Giroud who is our only option upfront and who doesn't easily score on the road, if he gets injured for a long period we will have to see how we fair but on the bright side we are not as reliant on Giroud as Man U are on RVP or as Liverpool is on Suarez. We have many players at the moment who can score and change a game. Not even Ozil is that important to us. This is the sign of a strong team IMO.

      • Agreed, Man U have an unwritten contract to get decisions when they need them, always have done. Every team has it's good and bad luck but there's something very wrong with why Man U get as much as they do.

        I was once at a game and went to the game with a bus load of off duty Ref's. They said that the FA and Ref's association are scared to death of Fergie because he is the ONLY manager who challenges in writing every decision he does not agree with and if it is received in writing they have to go and see the manager to discuss these matters.............In short, they air on the side of Man U far to often so Fergie is off their back because all in all he has to feel more than happy with the way decisions have gone....he was a bully boy. Still rubbing off with the new boss but hopefully this will wain soon.

        As for Europa football...........I think Man U will get at least 4th, what with Ref's help and the fact you don't need to be very good to finish 4th in the Prem anymore.