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  • John John Dec 4, 2013 11:56 Flag

    Weekend Fixtures

    The maths points towards a home win for us this weekend. Since our first game of the season disaster, we have had 5 straight home wins. Hull took a big scalp last week against Liverpool, but have only managed 1 win, and have had 5 losses away from home.

    Chelsea & City are both away from home this weekend. Although neither are against formidable opponents, both have mixed form away from home. City have lost 4 of their six away games this season, but I can't see them coming unstuck against The Baggies.

    The Chavs are against Sunderland away and Maureen's men have the most mixed form away from home this year. 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. The losses from Everton and Newcastle, who are both doing well. They also lost to Basel, who aren't exactly European Elite. This one could go either way.

    Liverpool shouldn't have any problems against Norwich, but it comes off the back of being beaten by Hull!

    Utd could draw as Martinez has Everton playing very well (without Fellaini).

    If things go as I imagine they could, the league would look:-

    Arsenal 34pts
    City 28pts
    Chavs 27pts
    Liverpool 27pts

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    • Hopefully 3 points and some positive goal difference, alongside no injuries.

      Asking too much? It's this sort of game that can be the proverbial banana skin!

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      • I do wonder if games that are 'banana skins' are based on the mental attitude of the team. i.e games they go into thinking they can win without even trying. In which case, this kind of approach seems to have been drilled out of them now.

        Hull aren't the 'rugby' team they were a few seasons ago and this team appear to have built up some resilience to the physical sides of late. Even Stoke were tamed by us, without us receiving one card. Steve Bruce has always put out teams to 'rough' us up, but I don't think it will work now.