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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Dec 4, 2013 21:47 Flag

    Do try not to LAUGH so hard!

    How many points above ManU and Spurs!?!?!


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    • Man U struggling for points this campaign is not a real shock to me.

      Man U are just an average side and all the signs were there for anyone who cares to look over the last 2 seasons. Last season was a FREAK for all sorts of reasons and they were very very lucky that the other top sides in the league under-performed to their real potentials. Even Fergie knew this and that was why he fast-tracked his retirement plan, imo, as I don't think Fergie has the time nor the funds needed to rebuild the squad given his age. We won't see any team in the division playing poorly and winning the title as Man U did last season for the foreseeable future.

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      • As you say, the writing has been on the wall for Man U for a while now. Having said that, on the balance of yesterdays game Man U should have won that!

        Man U can be thankful for 3 things at the moment. First, RVP, Second, Rooney who is an awesome club player when his dummy firmly attached and he's not trying to engineer a move. And Third, luckily to be 4th in the Prem you do not need to be a top top club oozing quality.

        Having said that, I fully expect that Man U will spend massively in January and the targets are already in the pipeline.

    • Man U clearly struggling without RVP. I think they dropped 7 out of 9 without him and over used him over the last season and a half. I think he is done and burned out and too old to get back to being the dominant player he was last year. Of course it doesn't help he is in the hands of a manger who doesn't know how to use him. This is not great for Holland's already slim World Cup chances. (Or maybe RVP is saving himself for the WC having seen enough of Moyes to know where this season will end up.)

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