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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Dec 4, 2013 23:18 Flag

    Suarez 4

    Incredible goals from the Arsenal target tonight. I don't think I have ever seen four goals of such quality, in one game, from one player.

    Can you imagine Ozil supplying the ammo?

    Sign him up Arsene!

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    • That would be a dream combo. Not sure Wenger would spend the money needed and perhaps Saurez would want to go to Real. He is without a doubt in my mind the best striker in the PL with Aguero not far behind.

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      • I'm in agreement that Suarez is the best striker in the Premier League and Aguero second, but I think Aguero suits our style of play more than Suarez. Suarez is a complete striker and can do everything on his own, while Aguero is a more of a team player imo.

        Going back to the theme of the thread, Suarez would defo be a great signing for us. I can't see Real going for Suarez signing as that would upset the balance in their team again, and they risk losing another player in their squad the way they lost Ozil if they pursue Suarez. The problem for Real would be how can you possibly accommodate Ronaldo, Bale and Suarez in the same team and keep them happy with quality game-time? If Liverpool fail to make CL next season, I strongly believe that Arsenal would be in stronger position to get Suarez as he would have a year less on his contract and I'm pretty sure there are concrete assurances given to Suarez that if they fail to make CL they wouldn't stand in his way next season.

      • True and I can't see Liverpool selling to a rival ala RVP. But at this precise moment in time, we should look to the players we do have and be satisfied, after all, at present they are doing us proud. Hopefully the 40 million on Ozil is not the big one off spend and in January we can add some 1st team quality in defence and imo a striker to support the squad.