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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Dec 5, 2013 11:20 Flag

    Urunga Bowls Club.

    I dropped in for a drink on Tuesday, asked if there was a Peter Grainger there, and got the reply I expected .... no-one had ever heard of him.

    What a pity, I was looking forward to showing him what his "mate", Gillian, was saying about him, still, at least he's not 'dead', as he never existed!


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    • Seeing as Peter Grainger doesn't exist, does that mean Gillian's wife is as big a bullshyyter as him, seeing as she claimed Sharon Grainger, who also doesn't exist, was her friend?

      And does that mean the house Gillian helped his non-existent friends to build on the Pacific Highway doesn't exist either?

      There is a gap, actually, just up from the servo, maybe that's where he didn't help build it.

      I bet he wishes the Australian ship that didn't rescue him, and didn't take him to Australia, had left him where he was ... or wasn't!