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    Three games in 7 days, Everton (playing well), Napoli (crucial CL game away!) and Man City await the lads this week. I think it will be a tall order to win all three and am resigned to losing to City at least, mainly because of their fantastic home form and the fact that the fixture comes so close to having travelled half way around the world to play Napoli. I hope the lads get good results elsewhere and that, if they do not, then they are at least able to pick themselves up to fight in the next game. Both Napoli and Everton are tough cookies.

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    • I could live with a defeat against City if it came with a win against Chelsea. On the positive side Chelsea play 9 games in December so at least all contenders have a heavy game load. I am watching Flamini's injury situation because he seems to be getting injured often now. I he manages to stay fit I am optimistic for December since I am not sure Arteta's old legs have seven games on the trot in them and to maintain our solid defensive record we need strong performances from our defensive midfielders.

      I am not so bothered by being in 1st come January since I don't believe the PL will be won in December however if we could open a 7 point gap that would be a big step in the right direction.

      Am I correct in assuming given our +5 goal differential vs Napoli's -1 that we can afford to lose by 2 goals against them?

      Everton are dangerous and play well at the moment dispatching without too much trouble of Man U and being miles ahead of them in the table, they will arrive with loads of confidence.

    • All 3 are as you say tough games. Rest assured that Man City, Napoli and Everton will be thinking the same thing about facing Arsenal. There are always a few key periods each season and this is one of them for sure.

      I take issue to Napoli being half way round the world but I know what you mean. Unless they had a stop-over in Johannesburg to pick up passengers LOL