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  • JamesB JamesB Dec 6, 2013 23:54 Flag

    Speechless with pride.....not a word now OK?

    The Silence is Deafening.......... just look at them hammering at our door. the lights are on but there's nobody home for them......Anyone for a chat about Arsenals chances against Everton. Or shall we get a good nights sleep, and leave an empty board to them?????? I think the later. Goodnight folks....its been a treat.
    I'll just leave this for them to bang their heads together on through the night.


    "So remember guys, how the silence kills them??? See how they go to any lengths to get a response, the more desperate they become. It works. Look at them go at it. Lies, lies, lies, and more lies, blah! blah! blah! twist and turn and squirm, on and on and on. Sitting back after each post and waiting for someone to bite. It would be hilarious to be able to just see them thumping themselves(the devil makes use of idle hands) and their only connection to a life, there little screen............

    Keep it up boys and think of the pleasure you'll get as each day rolls by without a response to them,
    IGNORING them, while everyone gets on with their life and discusses Arsenal, and football. There's nothing worse than to be IGNORED, not knowing if you have connected with your mindless drivel. In the end it will
    become an exercise in futility for them. And like everything dead inside, they rot and die. The last laugh is ours to enjoy........watching them dig themselves a deeper hole to sh..t in, and hopefully cover themselves. Less

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    • A good nights sleep is a good idea. Spinal tap on TV so maybe just a few more minutes!

      As for the game. I don't see a draw. Everton will be up for it for sure and I can see it being a physical match with someone winning out. Flamini out and Podolski back in around 10 days. This is a massive game for Arsenal. It could be a confidence booster ahead of Napoli and Man City. The longer you stay top, the more the players will think they can win the thing. Nobody gave Arsenal a chance at the start, then after half a dozen games the majority still said no, and now fewer say no. Come Jan if we are still top, then it's time to dare to dream.