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  • JamesB JamesB Dec 9, 2013 11:24 Flag

    good result boys...

    ....another 12 hours of constant, and desperate posting(getting more vicious, as the silence grows) from the 'Talking Dead'. Not only excellent results from our sad competitors in the PL, but a real solid defence from the 'Silence Will Kill Them' league. FOG shows us a good tactic, if you must reply(in kind) "YAWN"...is an excellent response.....almost as good as a Wenger size 12 boot up the #$%$ of The Talking Dead.........now that the smiles are back at The Emirates.......lets enjoy it.......!!!!!
    BTW I wonder about the 'silence' emanating from Derelict Trafford........was it something we said, or are the cantona's et al sulking, after being sent home to think again.???........the air gradually gets more breathable on here, at each passing day.......

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    • Hahaha!! A DESPERATE attempt to turn FAILURE into a win!!!

      They're IGNORING you, you DUMMY!

      And the biggest culprit is YOU .... you don't post threads EVERY day, and comment on EVERY post, when you're supposed to be ignoring someone!

      What would your pretend friends, Peter and the slag Sharon say, if they were real?


      PS: Don't reply until your new thread tomorrow!!