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  • Govinda Govinda Dec 9, 2013 15:06 Flag

    Everton are impressive.

    I was very impressed by Everton yesterday. Sure I would have liked us to convert some of our chances and gotten the win, it was possible, but didn't happen.

    More importantly from a football lovers point of view it is nice to see how well they play and no shame in Man U and Chelsea losing to this team. Some times these thinner squads fade later in the year but at the moment I think they are amongst the 3 most attractive playing teams in the PL and if they can keep these performances up they have a real shot of winning CL football. Martinez has done a great job in a short period of time.

    Mertesacker thought this was Arsenal's most difficult game this year and I can see why.

    On an other note this game once again highlighted why we need a deadly striker to compete for all trophies if you ask me. Giroud is an admirable work horse with decent stats but he is by no means a Suarez or Aguero or Dzeko. In games like yesterday a striker might only get three chances and Giroud didn't convert the once he got, to me this is the difference between big game great strikers and very good striker.

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    • Everton were the most difficult side I have seen Arsenal play so far this season, great passing game and they did indeed look as though they were the home side for the majority of the first half,Arsenal came good at the end of the half and finished with more shots on target than the visitors. I though our defence held steady against a real bashing.
      Second half Arsenal were the better side for me, especially after the triple substitution. A draw was about right. Everton certainly didn't 'deserve' the win but i'll grant they played well enough for the point. Still gutted the lads didn't manage to see the game out after a wonderfully worked Ozil goal.
      No shame in ManU and Chelsea losing to Everton!?!?! After the tens of millions they have spent building their squads!?!?!

    • Everton deserved to win, they bossed the midfield, which is usually Arsenal territory.

      Never mind CL football, if they keep improving they could win the league, they have only lost one game.

    • Yes, good football from Everton. Pretty solid at the back, tigers in midfield and a good strong striker up front. They also have a bit of a gung ho attack attitude with some talented players. You don't have to be brilliant to get 4th at the moment, and Everton stand as good a chance as anyone on current form.

      Having said that, I would hope that 8 times out of 10 the keeper would stop Deufelue's shot hitting the back of the net!