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  • JamesB JamesB Dec 10, 2013 09:49 Flag

    ...trying anything......

    .....even insultingly, trying to talk football of all things. Now you would have thought that indicates, that 'Silence Will Kill Them' is having it's desired effect....... except for this from Mr Malevolence himself

    "Do as he says, Sweet, don't worry about where they supposedly come from, unless he's using a VPN they can be traced, even if he's using a proxy.

    Inform the police, get this sorted out."


    Now, how would someone only interested in a football forum, and talking football, know that? Or even more to the point, the last sentence "inform the police", just about tells YOU all you need to know. He is trying to kid you that he is concerned about security...and is actually advising someone to "inform the police!" (oh dear, talking to himself in his sleep again??)
    By his standards, that just about takes the cake, given his record. Its seems it is OK for him to invade peoples privacy, and abuse them with his malevolence, but the same rule doesn't apply to anyone else.
    I did warn people that he will try every trick available to him, to get back inside your head, and this load of effluent, proves the case.
    When you tell someone that your best friend is dead, and he continues to use his name, and abuse his wife, then you can take only one thing from that. That this is indeed someone, who needs serious psychiatric treatment......for that alone, is incitement, and could cause untold harm to someone not aware of his intent, to deliberately try and psychologically harm. Its wilful, and carefully chosen for that purpose......You have been warned......and so have the police then? (if you could believe what he says).......we hope, in vain..it is 'damaged' beyond repair.

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    • Oh dear, "Jacob", (wink-wink!), you can't even follow your own commands!

      Are you really that stupid that you think there's anyone in the whole wide world who doesn't know this is just another schizophrenic iteration of your Dodgybanana ID?.

      Your best 'friends' don't exist, as I said, I called into the bowls club and no-one had heard of them, nor had anyone by the name of Peter Grainger recently died. They are not on the rates list, readily available to the public, nor are they on the electoral roll, also easily available to view .... you're a compulsive liar, even the email you gave me, claiming it belonged to Sharon Grainger, didn't exist.

      You've never been to OZ, and you plucked the name Urunga off a map, you were never shipwrecked, and never worked on a hospital ship in Vietnam .... you're up there with the fairies!

      What a sad #$%$ you are if you have to make your whole life up, no wonder even the Arsenal supporters are ignoring you!