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    "Dear Arsenal supporter,

    It took us time to get going on Sunday.

    Everton started stronger than us and for the first 25 minutes we couldn't impose ourselves on the game, but by the end of the first half that had changed and we created chances - we had three one-on-ones with their keeper.

    It's a regret that we didn't take those chances and, of course, the other regret is that we let our lead slip late in the game after working so hard to get in front.

    All the same it's important to give Everton credit for their performance. They played well and they always looked dangerous, so to get a point is not a bad result for us.

    Mesut Ozil scored our goal and I have to congratulate him on an outstanding performance. He was really impressive, especially in the second half.

    Overall it was a good weekend for us with Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United dropping points. We have been consistent with our results and that gives you belief.

    You could see that with Everton too. Had they lost 5-0 at Old Trafford last week they would not have played like that on Sunday. But they won 1-0 at Old Trafford and they came to Emirates Stadium with nothing to lose.

    The weekend results show you that it will be a tough Premier League season and consistency in the end will be rewarded. It is down to us to keep the correct attitude until the end of the season.

    We have many more points than we had at this stage last season and it shows that life can change from one year to the next. We are a better team now, more stable defensively and dangerous offensively. But as you saw on Sunday we have to prepare ourselves for a battle every week.

    Thanks for your support.

    Arsene Wenger's signature