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  • JamesB JamesB Dec 10, 2013 22:11 Flag


    Why, Why, Oh Why, are The Talking Dead so keen to out Eddy???
    It only makes sense if, what he says is fact. If that is the case, then the desperation to out 'Our Eddy' is well founded, and encased in a web of lies. And if I had a board, case history like an Orang ' - 'Utan, I too might also want rid of him.
    Having said such, I have no reason what's so ever to wish any harm to Eddy. He has said nothing, and there is nothing posted by The Talking Dead that would make me change my mind. Eddy remains a name, and a poster, on here for good reason. Talking football: and if you remain cool Eddy, The Talking Dead will die in the #$%$. Like all things rotten, they smell 'sweet' at first.....that's to disarm people........

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