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  • Roy Roy Dec 11, 2013 08:56 Flag

    I have to say

    Whilst I am not a fan of super rich Man City- That was an impressive win away at Bayern and after conceding an early goal and then another shortly after. To come back for a 2-3 win was indeed impressive.

    It must be a very frustrating time being a Man City fan. The quality on the pitch/bench and beyond is almost second to none, yet they have fallen flat on their faces time and again in Europe and let a Man U side that didn't deserve to win the league run away with it when they should have defended their title.

    OK, this proves what all M City fans know and that is they can beat anyone home or away but in terms of under achieving with what they have, M City must be the biggest culprits.

    Arsenal have brought back an old player on the cheap and made one big signing, so to be away clear at the top is actually an over achievement at this stage. Chelsea are regrouping and are under achieving a little at present. Liverpool are in my opinion doing better than they should. Yes Suarez and Coutinho are great but there are many very weak areas. Everton are around where they should be with that team.

    OH, forgot Spurs. Maybe Spurs can give M City a run for their money in the should do better stakes!

    Anyway. Bring on Napoli.