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  • JamesB JamesB Dec 11, 2013 22:53 Flag

    thumbs down anyone...

    ...looks like our resident orang Uturn is taking a good spanking on the appreciation chart. I lost count of the number of thumbs down......seems its working out for the Silent brigade.......well done guys... give him a well aimed boot off here..... BTW Eddy, he's just hanging on by the finger tips, desperate not to let you go. One more good slapping, should see him down the crapper......

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    • I see what you mean, orang-utan!

    • Jacob. I hear he enjoys a good spanking! lol

      Orangutan! Spanking! Spanking The Monkey! lol (Is it a Monkey, or a Gorilla. Is a Monkey different to a Gorilla or is a Gorilla a large Monkey)?

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      • I've noticed over the years how the orungutan fiddler is the biggest whinger when it comes to other people have multiple Yahoo IDs, yet it's perfectly alright that the ten pound pom has multiple Yahoo accounts with which 'it' can have conversations with 'itself' and thumb up 'it's' own posts and thumb down everyone elses.

        I see there's still no videos on youTube with a personal message from any beach in Bali.

        There's still no visit from the FBI, Mulder and Scully obviously are not interested.

        Plus, I've noticed a lack of replies to my posts from the outback cowboy since NUFC beat Prawnchester Uniturd last saturday, it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if 'it' decides to suddenly go 'world travelling' again because 'it' keeps getting OWNED BY GEORDIES!!!

        OINK OINK!