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  • Have you nothing of interest to post?

    It's laughable that you think my Man U joke is libellous.

    And I take posts and posters as I find them. If they seem nice, funny or incite full, i'll post positive remarks back. I simply do not care if Oink, Baldrick etc etc are in reality Tom, #$%$ or Harry. I would expect them to find me very very tedious if I spent all day trying to convince anyone who would listen that the ID name isn't there real name, and then got shirty when nobody listened!

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    • You've not only answered on the wrong board Kipper....I replied to you on the Man U board...do you remember now...?

      ...but you've started starting threads for me....that was the start of you killing the other forum...do you remember....?...are you getting a little fuzzy in the time, space and reality region?

      ...it's laughable that you can't remember who you are or where you are....or which thread you're on...still...that was ever your way...

      ....."incite full" ..typo...spelling mistake ...or your true colours....:)