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  • The Alcoholic Brown Family The Alcoholic Brown Family Dec 12, 2013 04:08 Flag

    Lucky, lucky Arsenal!

    Napoli should have won by at least three goals, they made Arsenal look very ordinary, had they scored again Arsenal would have been out.

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    • I don't think they made us look ordinary at all. We were tired. Napoli had played on Dec 2nd & 7th. We had played on Dec 4th & 8th. It is no surprise that we should be the more tired of the two teams. We had less time to rest in between games and the Italian league is slower and less physical than the Prem.

      "Had they scored again, Arsenal would have been out" This is absolutely true. Thankfully all here would have been pleased that wasn't the case.

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      • The same will apply for the City game Ie City will be the more rested team and already have the deeper squad. I think we did a good job yesterday against Napoli in the first half, we should have been more determined to score and could have gotten the draw. Giroud is not deadly enough, compare that to Higuain who scored out of nowhere.

        I am happy and don't care too much if we get a Barca or Real, being eliminated from the knockout stages is better than playing in the "other cup" like Spurs.

      • The important thing is to still be in the mix. Lets not forget the expectations here.

        Arsenal have been starved of success for years, so constant qualification and often much further than group stages and 1st knock out is excellent.

        Man U on the other hand are one of the richest teams on the planet, have won their domestic league almost every year, so winning the Champions League should be happening more often. Man U have massively under achieved.

        Liverpool are the English kings of Europe and pound for pound N Forest are also above Man U.

        Liverpool had far fewer bites at the top European prize than Man U but have a far better record.

        So to those gloating at last nights result. Glass houses and all that!

      • I watched the game, John, and they outplayed you more than an extra day of rest would suggest.

        When players aren't playing they are training 4-6 hours a day, so one day should make no difference.

        Even Wenger was nervous.

    • Hark...........tiss the sound of a desperate glory supporter, trying to find fault in the Prem leaders.