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  • Govinda Govinda Dec 14, 2013 14:45 Flag

    City game opinion :-)

    There was no doubt in my mind that the best team won and it had nothing to do with us being tired. That didn't start to figure into the equation until the 75-80 minute when we had been the lesser team for the first 75 minutes.

    Random observations:
    City have the better squad, possibly best in the PL or 2nd to Chelsea.
    Walcott is back.
    Giroud is not good enough. (has he only scored 1 goal on the road?)
    We seem to have lost our form a little.
    Bendtners's goal was not offside.
    We were denied a clear penalty.
    Kos looks badly injured, looked like a torn ligament.

    Chelsea game next and now a real big game.

    Can we rediscover our form, in time?

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    • I thought we were pretty awful and to me always looked jaded compared to the fresh City. Our passing was dire on the whole and our play in the final third was lacklustre. Defending was poor. Arsenal never got going at all.
      City played some excellent football. Arsenal too, in short bursts.
      The good news? Arsenal were IMO cream crackered, and it showed, yet still managed to get three goals and really could of had more. Koscielnys injury is not as bad as first thought.
      I just hope the lads can put this behind them and show up against Chelsea, which will be extremely difficult.

      Every team has a 'blip', hopefully, this has been ours.

      Still TOP.


      Still in the race.

      Unlike some I could mention!

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      • I don't know why some people are shocked.

        They beat Newcastle 4-0, Utd, 4-1, Spurs 6-0

        They have a massive and very expensive squad that had an extra day rest in between games.

        We were always going to be the underdogs for this one.

        Personally the score in my mind was wrong. We had offside goals called against us when they weren't offside and a penalty shout that was ignored. Milner's penalty was a joke.

        Forget this game. Chelsea is the big test now. We NEED this to restore the points gap. Liverpool have got a Cardiff team on the slide this weekend, at home.

      • The score flattered City. and yes it was a tired effort. But hey! still up there fighting. No team has knocked 3 passed City at home, playing poorly. Remember that please. Before anymore judgement is made. Give credit where it is due, if only in small part. We will come again. And City know that. Also, the time of the game was, to say the least, not in Arsenal favour.

    • You keep harping on about form but form is only temporary, our problem is lack of quality and very weak mentality. Watch mertesecker at the end having a go at ozil said it all. This team has ridden its luck and goes missing like ozil when needed most. We couldnt even beat man u for goodness sake. No doubt we will have good form again some time in the season as all clubs do, but it will need more than that to take the next step forward.

      Under wenger is this possible? Not on your nelly!