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  • Arsenal are over achieving and doing bloody well to be top for so long. More investment needed to be good enough to last the course.

    Chelsea, hot on our heels but playing #$%$

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    • I don't think it's a case of 'over achieving' at all, more a case of playing to their capabilities. Arsenal lost to City, on their own ground where they are in great form. It was expected. I think on another day Arsenal could have won that game. Our defence was sloppy as was the midfield and that is asking for trouble against any top side.
      Arsenal were judged wrongly offside at least three times when in great positions, one where a goal had been scored.
      The pundits will rip into Arsenal over this, as they always do to any of the top teams when they falter, but to judge the team on one tough fixture at the end of one very tough week is foolish in the extreme, IMO.

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      • Have not seen the game Fab, so i'll take your word about decisions etc.

        When I say over achieve I mean that for me, nobody thought that one big money signing and getting Flammini back would put us top and at one point pretty clear at the top. IMO we have done well and recent results show that we need to strengthen more but we have absolutely made progress from last and recent seasons.

        Also the biggest hurdle for Arsenal is I believe, self belief running through the team. As of now I do not think the team believes they are going to win the big games. Hopefully that will come and hopefully another quality signing can come in January.

      • I saw Wenger speak with some frustration to Flamini while Kos was being taken care of on the field, later he took Flamini of. I wonder what that was about. I thought we came even more undone once Flamini came of. I like him and the way he plays yet we don't know his assignment. I also think Ramsey has dropped a little bit his game, he now is back to holding on to the ball a little bit too long again, when being pressed like City did, that is not a good habit.

        Finally Wilshire should get a talking to, on one of the last goals he was pushed over around mid field, by Nasri I think, and he did not get up to chase Nasri who became part of the three City players who scored the goal on the break. Wilshire did not play on Wednesday and should not wait for the ref to blow the whistle, it was old Arsenal cry baby type of behavior.

        So good to have Walcott coming back to his old form and I for one am happy we have Vermaelen as back-up at CB. He might need a few games to get used to Per but this could be his chance to regain his former high level and his place in the Belgian national side. Having said that I hope Kos will not be out too long.

        I am not too worried about the result and expect an other loss to Chelsea but that does not put us out of the running.