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  • Govinda Govinda Dec 19, 2013 12:20 Flag

    This is part of the reason I am not a Giroud fan

    Qute from today's press analysing the stats on the top 15 PL strikers:

    The Arsenal striker’s statistics make interesting reading. Of the Premier League’s top 15 scorers, Giroud needs by far the most chances to score, averaging 7.86 shots per goal, with Jay Rodriguez of Southampton the next highest at 6.00. Giroud’s percentage of shots on target is also the lowest at a poor 30.31%, with Loic Remy the next worse at 36.17%. Of the top ten scores in the league, Giroud has the lowest ratio of goals per game, currently at 0.48. The stats suggest that, although the Frenchman’s importance to the Gunners is unquestionable, Giroud is wasteful and could be improved upon; Arsenal’s reported interest in Diego Costa – who averages around three shots per goal, with 57.45% of those shots on target – seems unsurprising.

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    • I'm not a Giroud fan either, and I think you would struggle to find any Arsenal fan who believes that he's our long-term solution in the striking department.

      I think Wenger sees Giroud as a stopgap measure until we find adequate replacement. Giroud can hold his own against the lesser sides, but sadly he isn't the sort of strikers who can make all the difference in tight games against the big guns as we have seen thus far.

    • If you looked at most of our players you would of find the same sort of thing. Giroud is OK, but no more. Arteta is the same, Rosicky is the same, due to Ozils inconsistency you have to conclude that is average at best. Koscielny is a liability, Mertsecker is average even on form, and Vermaelen is championship defender whilst Sagna is 2 years past his sell by date and Gibbs is a poor mans Clichy, and he wasnt great as it was.

      Our greatest team had world class players in every position, this was beyond argument. Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry, Cole, Pires etc. That is what we should be aiming for but sadly you and all the other phoney fans on here would rather deny the truth to protect your fragile ego's. Sad but true state of affairs Im afraid. to say.