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    Title race this season?

    This season's title race is shaping up to be the best title race in recent seasons mainly due to the improved tactical quality of teams like Swansea, Southampton, Cardiff, Newcastle and Everton. Many lower placed sides in the division are now willing to take greater risks in games by having their full backs push high up and pressed the top sides unlike before, and this newly found confidence in their own abilities have been richly rewarded.

    Whichever of Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City and Liverpool win it this season, they would have done so DESERVEDLY, I HOPE for our sake that it's Arsenal who come up trumps in May 2014.

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    • One thing for sure, it won't be Arsenal!

      OUT of the league cup to Chelsea.

      Soon to be OUT of the CL when Bayern Munich are through with you.

      Spurs will knock you OUT of the FA Cup in January.

      And you'll be OUT of the EPL running before April.

      That'll be NINE years and counting!

    • This season has shown that fergie was a true great of the game, as he dominated the name of the game season after season for 25 years. Now there is no true champion left just pretenders fighting for scraps. Arsenal proved they were poor shipping 6 against city and losing at home to poor aston villa and collapsing mentally against man u. Liverpool lost to hull and arsenal and lack quality , man u have struggled under new manager moyes to find their feet, chelsea are all over the place and man city have a great team at home, and a poor one away.

      No outstanding candidate thats for sure. An betting man would we wise to pick man city to run away with it.

    • It will be an entertaining title race. All preseason contenders have shown their flaws and as you say a few of the small teams have shown big skills. For the moment and in absence of major January spending I would say the top 4 teams are till more or less equal favorites IMO but if I had to put a prediction down at this point it would be:

      1. City - on account of current from and depth of squad
      2. Chelsea - on account of depth of squad but they still don't seem to have hit their stride
      3. Arsenal - on account of lacking depth most glaringly at striker but now also at CB
      4. Liverpool - Suarez culd push them higher up the table than 4th but ....

      Man U - could fight for 4th if they bring in some real quality players in January but you have to wonder which quality player would want to come and play for them at this point?

      Spurs - Could come back into the top 4 depending on their new manager, they have a capable squad.

      Everton - could surprise further by sustaining their current pace but a thin squad makes that difficult.