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  • Loyal Gunner Loyal Gunner Dec 20, 2013 14:38 Flag

    Who should we sign?

    Now the need for a top CB is as necessary as the need to sign a world class striker, however I will focus this topic on the striker position henceforth.

    Luis Suarez - signed a new contract, was always too rich for our blood and couldnt see why he would move when he is at a club on the same level to us.

    Paul George Ntep is latest to be linked. Dont know much about him but he is the stereotypical wenger signing. If hes anything like sanogo we should give a wide berth.

    Diego Costa - the inform madrid striker is certainly better than what we have, but why would he leave potential title hopefuls for pretenders? Seems too good to be true as they wont want to lose him and he is happy there. Untried in the EPL so a risk.

    Loic remy - a more realistic option for january trasnfer. Can play in ECL too.

    Any other potential targets would be welcome addition to the list. One things for certain we must not dilly dally and striker while the irons hot. Build on the luck we have rode and we may do better than we could have hoped. Failure to strengthen will most likely see us collapse at the crucial stage which we have seen signs of already with this tired squad out of sorts.

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    • I am, like most people, of the same opinion regarding a goals scorer and more defensive quality. Apartf from those that play in the Prem I only know of others via word of mouth, reputation and the clips from the Champions League games, so I will take your word on the ones you have names.

      It has been a tough time of late and it gets no easier with the visit of Chelsea. Looking at how things are going I feel it is vital we get something from the game. Not because we desperately need a point or 3 points but because we are in almost dire need of a confidence booster. As you know football results can be heavily influenced by the confidence of the team. Get something from the Chelsea visit and some confidence is restored...lose and it will take another dent. If this happens, who knows how it will affect us in games we should win?