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    Make for depressing reading.....

    'Regardless of whether it is a player wearing a Man U shirt, or that of the Nags Head in the 4th division of the Trumptonshire League, diving on the football pitch is WRONG. Yes players should be protected from tackles which could cause serious injury, but trying to gain an unfair advantage or get an opponent cautioned is not "gamesmanship", it is CHEATING. But, since most professional teams nowadays are owned by businessmen, it is no longer a sport and fair play is a (costly) luxury which such businessmen will not allow to get in the way of their profits.

    Fourth officials should have access to action replays and if they identify a blatant dive, and I will use Januzaj as an example after yesterday's impression of Tom Daley, the offender should be given an immediate red card. Two such red cards in one season should result in an automatic 10 match ban. If two players from the same club get bans for this offence in one season, the club should be deducted 3 points and fined the equivalent of the wage bill for the starting 11 on the week that the 2nd ban was accrued. Only by severe punishments for both player and club is this particular form of cheating ever likely to be curtailed. Given the influence and power of money men like the Glazers, Randy Lerner, Roman Abramovitch and Vincent Tan, no such action is ever going to be forthcoming and so the cheating will continue.'

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