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    Arsenal paying a heavy price for our quality

    How could that reckless tackle by O'Brien not be a sending off offence? Rules are rules, apply the damn thing the way it should be applied. Okay, it didn't matter in the end but a foul is a foul and O'Brien should have been carded according to the letter of the law.

    We were wrongly denied THREE goals against Man City, WRONGLY denied a BLATANT penalty and Mikel's red card offence in the game against Chelsea. It seems to me that referees now go out of their way to try and bridge the obvious gap in quality between Arsenal and the rest by not doing their job professionally, i.e. uphold the rules of the game. Koscienly was sent off against Villa for a nothing challenge, come on this is looking like an agenda against Arsenal.

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    • I see Brendan Rogers is slating the officials who took charge of the City game today, offsides were given when replays showed the player to be well onside (ring any bells?).
      After the revelations that Fergie was on texting terms with officials,one may wonder if this is the dawn of a new 'brown envelope' era upon us?