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  • TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Dec 29, 2013 17:45 Flag

    Laugh it up boys...for the moment

    At last, some cohesion in the camp here, now that the Gunners are doing more than well. No back biting, no name calling, or lies and denials etc. except of course from the infected residence mongoloid Butch. It would have been much better had you all stayed together during the bad times that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger went through. Unfortunately some on here sat on the fence, or simply refused to believe in us. And I say 'us' in the context of having been a life time supporter of Arsenal from a boy born in N. London, and who has seen many bleak times with Arsenal. And this wont be the last. But can you lot last is the question. Or are there still the bl...dy turncoats here?? But at least your free of the likes of Le Poof, and Erik Cuntona, for the time being anyway...... 'Happy New Year' to the faithful. That doesn't include you 'moron'. And don't bother replying. All you ever post is #$%$ because you have sh..t for brains.

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