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  • John John Jan 3, 2014 13:11 Flag

    Listed a couple of months ago

    Adil Rami - We do need another CB. Whilst Per and Kos are doing great, and Verm is looking closer to a full return too, we do need another option as three CB's is too few in the EPL.

    Burak Yilmaz - Prolific last year and scored 10 from 21 this season so far. We need another striker (everyone agrees) and this guy has been rumoured to be on Wenger's radar.

    Of course, this is all just idle speculation we understand.

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    • Have to say I'm not so sure we are so desperate for a striker. Don't get me wrong, we do need one, but we do have Walcott and Podolski able to play even if Bendtner and Giroud are both unfit. Bendtner has been great every time the guy has been given a chance to play so far and though he has been the buck of many a joke (bit like Rikki, though not quite so bad as he) I think most would admit the guy has shown he has the qualities to play at the top, if he just applies himself.

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      • A change of tune, Fab. Which contradicts your earlier Berba stance?

        But I totally agree, we're not desperate for strikers as have been made out by the press, there's PLENTY of ammunition already in the squad and the way we play isn't geared towards strikers dependence. Rather, more focus is given to everyone contributing their fair share of goals.

      • I'd like to see Walcott play as a striker, but it seems Wenger insists on playing him on the wing. Even so, he still scored and supplied last year and looks set to do well again this year.

        Podolski looked very rusty when he played at the weekend. I am sure he will regain form given opportunities, but even he isn't a 20 goal a season player.

        We need a fox in the box. I would NOT want to rely on Bendtner. It wasn't that long ago that he declared he would 'never wear an Arsenal shirt again'. He is a liability on the field and in real life. He seems to have the ability to get into a brilliant position, then #$%$ it up.

      • Erm...'butt' not 'buck'. Either or either of those, or none at all. You get the drift anyhow.