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  • FABONGRASSS FABONGRASSS Jan 4, 2014 06:20 Flag

    Gervinho is........RONALDO!!!

    Yupp the much maligned ex-Arsenal man Gervinho, after having earlier been labelled 'the African Messi', is now being compared, by none other than Italian legend Francesco Totti, to RONALDO!!!


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    • I was glad to see Gervinho sold as he added very little to our squad. That's not to say I don't wish him well at his new club.

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      • Gervinho had a torrid time at Arsenal and his form was mostly poor but, and there is a but, the lad never had a decent run of games to really prove himself IMO. He started really well as I recall and then injury and international tournaments both served to interrupt his Arsenal playing time. I had many a 'debate' with the former poster 'Eric Cantona'(before he ran away like 99% of the glory boys) upon the subject of Gervinho. Anti -Gervinho opinion was understandable yet wholly unfair IMO. His new lease of life in Italy is proof ofthis I feel. Wenger has had the balls to stick with many players who came in for stick and he has been proven correct in doing so.

        Confucious he say ' Form is a delicate creature, it needs careful nurturing, if the real beauty is to be revealed. whereas Rikki, is a glory boy #$%$ and he needs to be laughed at, and given a boot up the #$%$'.

    • What this tells us, Frodo, is that he's playing far better under a decent manager.

      If you check Youtube you'll see why Totti is making that claim.