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  • For me it is The Best cup competition in world club football. Even better than the Champions League, as in it's current format that means you can lose a game and still become competition winners.

    Sad today to hear Paul Lambert describe the FA Cup as an unnecessary distraction to clubs!

    All clubs, particularly clubs with a rich tradition of silverware should be trying to add to it, not play weakened teams and try and get knocked out. How sad it would be if Villa, Everton, Newcastle etc put all their eggs in one basket, the basket of staying in the Premier League!

    I remember the days when a club, any club would be seen as having had a successful season if they won the FA or League Cup, regardless in many ways of league position. Now for some clubs it's all the eggs in the basket of staying up and others the pursuit of top 4.

    Very short sighted of Paul Lambert but I suppose they are at least not going to pull out ala Man U.

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    • And talking of the FA Cup .... United are being forced to play their tie at 4:30pm Sunday, whilst having a League Cup semi-final Tuesday.

      Manchester City play their game today, and their League Cup semi on Wednesday.

      United get two days rest, City get four .... how is that fair?

    • " but I suppose they are at least not going to pull out ala Man U"

      United did not 'pull out', they were asked by the FA to travel to South America instead, get your facts straight, Kipper.

      "Martin Edwards, said yesterday that the club had been placed in a "no- win situation", with little option but to withdraw after being put under huge pressure from both the Football Association and the Government to travel to Brazil in January for the inaugural World Club Championship.

      United have been told that England's bid to stage the 2006 World Cup will be in jeopardy if they fail to take part in the new tournament, which is the brainchild of Sepp Blatter, the president of the game's world governing body, Fifa. Only by forgoing the defence of the FA Cup can they squeeze the eight-team event into an already-overcrowded fixture list and the FA have willingly offered them an unprecedented exemption."

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      • Rubbish. All that is propaganda. Fergie himself described it as a great 2 week break and it helped his team that season. It was done as Man U wanted to advertise themselves on the world stage...........they chose to pull out and after much criticism it has been dressed up as helping England's World Cup bid. Since when has Fergie ever done anything to help England. Holding players back from playing for their country etc, so now we are supposed to believe Man U pulled out of the FA Cup for other interests than their own?

        I don't buy it.