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    Walcott sidelined for SIX months, out of World Cup

    This is a HUGE blow for us as we have lost one of ours match winners, hopefully Wenger will work the market urgently in order to replace his contribution to the squad. I know we have Gnabry who can fill in for Theo on a short-term basis but I'd still prefer an experienced player rather than putting too much pressure on Gnabry's young shoulder..

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    • Hopefully the Ox will be back shortly. He can fill in for Theo, but we need top players to keep the striker role filled. Giroud has a short term illness, but he's the only out and out striker we have now.

      It has been muted that Diego Costa is available for £32m from Athletico and that Pedro Rodriguez at Barca is unhappy at finding himself pushed down the pecking order behind newly acquired Neymar. He's valued at around £25m. Big signings in January are a rarity, but AW could be forced to buy big now.

      Huge shame about Theo. I was hoping he was going to get a run of games up front.

    • Gunners boss Arsène Wenger has confirmed that the coins thrown at Walcott by Spurs fans shall be added onto their next bid for Luis Suárez.

      He said: “£40,000,003.75 – that is our final offer.

      “Unless we get more coins thrown at us, in which case we may switch our attentions to Falcao.”

    • I guess RVP's injury isn't so funny now, eh?

      Walcott, like a tampon, in for a week, out for three, or six, or twenty six!!

    • Gutted for Theo, for Arsenal and for England. The lad was on fire.

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      • Silly question, but did Vela have a buy back clause written into his contract, heard he was not to keen on coming back, but with him he knows the club and most of the players, is doing ok ish in spain, be better than Berbatov. Thing is we all know prices will be jacked up at this time of year, and will be even more so now everyone knows we have lost Theo. I am hoping that we get a big name in, but if not we need someone in, I feel Vela was never given a long run in the side, also saw someone suggest even Eduardo being brought back. Silly I know, all comes down to who is willing to leave their club now.

    • This year was our best chance in a long time to win a trophy. Our squad IMO was 3rd in the PL behind City and Chelsea with Walcott out and having less depth than those two other squads our chances of winning the PL, what ever they were are reduced meaningfully.

      I hope Wenger will rely on Gnarby out wide since he brings pace and directness. In previous games when Walcott was out he has tried to start CM players like Wilshire and Ramsey out on the right that those not work great for as long as half a season.

      I feel sorry for Theo missing out on this exciting season and WC.

      Wenger please compensate for the loss of Theo by buying a top player or 2, one of them a striker.

    • This is a big BIG blow indeed. With Podolski missing games and also Giroud, I was looking forward to seeing how well Walcott did up front more often as well as wing play.

      I agree with what has been said regarding it being even more imperative to sign a quality player or 2 now.

      OK Arsenal have never been favourites for the title, even when several points clear and this is down to the obvious deficiencies in the squad compared to Man City's, Chelsea's, Man United's and even Spurs............But Arsenal ARE top and titles have been won in the past against the probable odds, so it is best to invest from a position of strength..............we will see but serious investment in certain positions has been a long time coming, so I'm not holding my breath.