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    Charlie Nicholas on 'Berba to Arsenal' rumours

    "Without being disrespectful to Berbatov, however, he isn’t the sort of player who is going to make a difference in the final third for Arsenal,” the Scot stated.

    "Three years ago I would have been in favour of signing him as, at that point, he was very much a player who could produce something special in the final third.

    "I know he’s still capable of a moment of magic but he is having less and less impact on games and he’s at that stage where he’ll struggle to find many top-flight clubs wanting him.

    "Rather than winning a move to a bigger club, I’d imagine if Berbatov was to secure a £2m this month it would most certainly be to a club from the middle of the table down to the bottom end."

    Exactly the points I made on the Berba thread, sadly he isn't good enough for Arsenal, he'd fit in at a midtable side. But not at Arsenal, not even as a bench-warmer (imo).

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    • Was it worth discussing? Well obviously Charlie thought so.

      Could he be a good choice. Well it was either yes or no. 50/50.

      No rocket science required.


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      • Don't get me wrong, I wasn't knocking the discussion about the perceived lack of forwards in our squad to mount a serious challenge against high scoring City side. The sticking point for me is a renowned lazy player like Berbatov is being mentioned when we're trying to match the industry of City's strike-force of Aguero, Negredo, Dzeko and Jovetic (and hopefully beat City at the end). Yes, I know that Jovetic hasn't featured for City much this season but he's a player who works his sock off everytime I've seen him player for club and country in the past, and can't be accused of not giving his all for the course. Having lazy players in the squad probably cost us in recent seasons, why bring another? Personally, I'd have preferred Arsenal going for an out-of-sorts Benteke over a moody, albeit talented, Berbatov any day of the week as I know the former would give his best in matches.

        Oh, any chance of reversing that to 20/80 against?

      • John, you're wasting your time, slayer will just keep Googling opinions until he finds one that agrees with him, then he'll post it as 'proof' that he's right.

        Berbatov would do a good job for Arsenal, there's no better player to hold the ball up whilst your midfield arrives.