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    Julian Draxler

    There have been some serious rumours about us signing Julian Draxler for 45 mill Euros during this January window.

    Julian is not the deadly striker we need but IMO would be a great signing. He appears to be an amazing wide player who can score with both legs and is unselfish with his assists. We are that much better when we play with true wide players rather than being forced to play central midfielders like Cazorla, Rosicky or Ramsey out wide.

    I would be willing to sacrifice signing a top striker if we singed Draxler. My logic would be that we would possibly score more as a result of him being a true left wing (or right wing, he can play both) wide player and if we keep a long term perspective (and gamble), if indeed we move Theo over to the center and Gnarby and Ox on the right wing than we would possibly look better for the future than if we did not have a true left winger and signed Costa and kept Cazorla or Podolski as our left wingers, neither are as impressive as Julian.

    Julian might really be the first true left wing player we would have after Overmars and he reminds me a little of RVP when he started at Feyenoord. He has similar ball control and skills as RVP so maybe Wenger would see him also as a long term central striker.

    Chances are though that if we spend that type of money on Draxler that we would do little else now or this summer but I could live with that because we would likely continue to improve.

    Given the theoretical choice between Draxler and Costa or Martinez and for the sake of argument lets assume similar price tags, who would you rather see at Arsenal (assuming you are an Arsenal fan)?

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    • As Roy stated, 45mil is alot especially on an unproven 20 year old kid like Draxler. Seems like transfer tittle-tattle to me.

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      • 45 mill Euro or 37 mill GBP is a lot of money but on a relative basis, ie compared to what Bale or Falcao or Cavani went for it is a bargain if you ask me. I think Bayern are the big concern for me they have possibly the best manager of his generation and are one of Europe's biggest clubs. So if Pep comes in for him he might be tempted.

      • We all love a bit of transfer tittle-tattle but whilst the names mentioned would be very nice to acquire...........I think we need to be realistic.

        Yes Arsenal/Wenger splashed the cash on Ozil but a leopard does not change it's spots. IMO Arsenal/Wenger are still far more likely to go back to the usual MO and buy talent that is more reasonably priced and can be improved and have value added to the price tag they pay.

        I might be wrong, maybe being in the title race come January rather than looking to catch up for 4th as in previous seasons will have changed the transfer dynamics........but I doubt it, as it's a business at the end of the day and Arsenal are not run as a rich man's folly.

    • 45 million is massive. Maybe things are changing but i can't see that much spent again on one player so soon after Ozil.