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    4th place this season would be an achievement.........

    1st off I'm a Norwich fan so I know a thing or 2 about losing, but I feel sorry for Moyes, he's inherited the weakest Utd team in 20 years, & a small number of deluded fans are having a go at him for it, apart from Rooney, RvP, Vidic, Evra & De Gea, could you honestly see any other Utd player getting into the Man City, Chelsea, or Arsenal 1st eleven? I can't, even Everton, Spurs, & Liverpool have a stronger 1st eleven as a team than Utd.

    Now I know the usual argument will come from those deluded few, but seriously people, Utd are just about where they should be imo, missing RvP, & Rooney is a massive blow, No Scholes,or Scholes type player in mf, & it says something when 1 of your best players is 40 years old.

    I didn't expect anything different from Utd this season, new manager, he has to get them playing his football, he has to figure out his best players, who he would like to keep, & where he has to strengthen, & any money spent on players for the sake of it in the summer, & now, would be money wasted & lets be honest he will have to spend a good £120M+ to build a team as strong as Arsenal, Chelsea, & especially City, let alone a squad as good as them.

    I expect big movement from Utd in the summer, I can see no less than 5 top players arriving, Fergie knew he wouldn't be able to squeeze another title out of this team, & did the smart thing, Moyes is in a transition season, & can build his team how he wants to, the difference with Mourinho, & Pelagrini is they have inherited a ready made team, & Wenger has built his for the last few seasons.
    So stop the delusional we should be winning mentality, get behind your team, & realise that 4th place this season would be an achievement.

    By Dean Pakes, a Norwich City fan.


    [MCMXCIX] - what I would like to add is all Man U fans should look at the whole picture, Fergie did leave behind an average squad bereft of creativity in the middle of the park. Your defence is awful too....

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    • United are actually a couple players away from having the strongest side in the league. No one can rival what they have upfront, and they have world class kids coming through. Just a couple leaders needed in midfield and they will be unstoppable. Keep telling yourself all is not well but i believe the transition is going well and were about to come out the other side of this bad patch #watchthisspace

      Still beat your best team which was inform! Hahahahahahaha

    • I'm trying to keep the #$%$ of the board but this thing is out of order. True or baloney (no way to tell).....

      But threatening or actualy causing physical harm is disgraceful.

      Give it. Take it. If you can't, jog on.