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  • Roy Roy Jan 23, 2014 12:40 Flag

    Take the p 1 55 whilst we can

    I love taking the rise out of Man U, it's what football is all about. When your top you lap it up, when your on the downer you take it on the chin. Sometimes it's big time rivals like Man U, Liverpool, Arsenal etc, other times it's regional rivalry and it should all be taken in good faith..........................But mark my words, take the micky whilst we can as the signing of J Mata is a massive coup for Man U.

    After seeing the impact that RVP can add to a rival, why on earth has Jose sold Mate to a rival?....in fact why is Mata not in the 1st 11 in my opinion!

    OK much depends on RVP and Shrek getting and staying fit.........but if they do, RVP, Rooney, Mata, Januazi, Kagawa.....and reserves like Hernandez, Wellbeck make it a potentially great attack and midfield. Purchase a top defender and they may be back at the top!

    Just my opinion...........Maybe not yours?

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    • I agree enjoy it whilst you can. Part of the reason people are going so overboard now about united is that they are terrified moyes might actually correct fergies mistakes and improve the midfield, Thats a midifeld that finished over 20 points above arsenal last year. Scary stuff #goonersclutchatstraws

    • I agree that Mata is a great coup for Man U and a great price tag for Chelsea.

      I agree with Moureen that Man U are no threat to Chelsea so to sell to Man U won't hurt them this season. Man U still have a very real chance at CL football for next year being only 6 points away from 4th. Probably most importantly for Mata he now has a chance of playing regular football and thus make it to the WC.

      On the flip side Moureen didn't like Mata because of Mata's lack of defensive work and discipline. Man U having a poor defensive record will not get a lot of help from Mata in that department.

      Creatively they will become a lot better with Mata in the squad and I am sure this could see RVP and Rooney get better service.

      Credit to Man U, they needed to give their squad and fans a lift and they got it done.

      Although Arsenal doesn't need a confidence lift being in 1st, I doubt given our poor transfer window track record, that we will sign an immediate impact player and it seems clear to me that we do need such a player if we want to hold on to 1st.

      Giroud is probably having a career year yet would most likely not make it into the starting 11 of Man U, City, Chelsea, Liverpool or even Spurs and with Walcott out we lack width on the right. I think to over play young guys like Gnarby or a just returning Ox on the right side is asking for long term injury problems for them.

      In an ideal world we would sign a top quality striker or winger this window to help our chances to win the PL. In any event if we don't sign any player and finish in the top 3, I would still be happy this season provided we spend well in the summer. Ozil can not be a one of top signing if we want to get back to being regular challengers.