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  • JamesB JamesB Jan 25, 2014 18:33 Flag

    Does it Mata?

    Does Moyes truly think that Mata will matter, in a side that is so disjointed and fathomless, at the moment? This looks like being another disaster of epic proportions if he(Mata) doesn't fit, and to be honest I don't think he will. That Rooney & Persie will be obsolete, and Mata on his own, doesn't make sense........Wenger knows this and Moureen says he's moaning. But then again, he would wouldn't he. The nutter.

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    • You sound worried, and rightly so.

      Van Persie, Mate, Rooney and Januzaj....its just the beginning.

      Januzaj makes wilshere look about as good as vinny jones, Mata was chelseas best player before the crackpot maureen decided he was bigger than the club. Rooney is about to sign a long term deal and van persies best years are ahead of him. Enjoy the slump while it lasts. Once moyes signs a couple more world class players well beat you even easier than we did already this season. Haha loving it