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    Just watched the replay of the Southampton game, Arsenal were outplayed so badly it was as if you had the reserves out.

    Sam Gallagher is one to watch, he looks special, as did Luke Shaw, hopefully soon to join United.

    So now, if City win, and Chelsea win by two goals, Arsenal will be third on the same number of games.

    NINE years, anyone?

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    • Not sure there would be any reason for Shaw to go to Man U if Chelsea want him. Learning form one of the best managers in the world, if not the best defensively and joining a great squad would probably be smarter than going to play for Moyes. No disrespect intended but what has Moyes proven at this level thus far?

      I would say, although anything is possible, don't get your hopes up.

      Mata was a great signing but IMO his signing was more a result of his World Cup chances dwindling and his lack of faith from Moureen than of his desire to play for Moyes.

    • Hmmm....didn't ManUseless draw with Southampton at very Old Trafford? Arsenal may have under performed last night and thus given you a crumb to chew, but at least they managed the win at home.

      Long way to go yet in this race......and Arsenal are still in it.

      Man U?


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      • I think with Ramsey, Wilshire and Rose and Theo not available we are forced to play Arteta and Flamini making us play at a pace that is a little too slow probably as a result of having to play 2 defensive midfielders.

        Tough stretch of games ahead of us and it will hurt not to have Ramsey available for much of it and Walcott for none of it. As promissing as Gnarby is he is too young to expect too much of him and is likely to burn out faster than more experienced players, same really goes for OX.

        Pressure on Man U I think since their run in is quite easy so they should go on a big run now that they have RVP back. The flip side of being a one man team is that when that man is back they are a different team but can he pull them into CL football for next season? Will he stay fit? If he does stay fit I give them a 25% chance of 4th place.

      • Talking about 'Man U', I checked the table after yesterday's Premier League matches and was very shocked that they are still rooted in 7th place below Everton.

        I honestly was expecting them to move up the table a couple of places thanks to a rare win in 2014 at OT.

        @ Rikki, where do you still Man U finishing in the table this season? I personally think Man U have got an almighty battle on the hand with Spurs for the last Europa League spots, but you never know with the luck of Man U, City could let them in into Europe through the back door by winning the Capital One Cup.

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